don't shoot what it looks like.
Shoot what it feels like.

no fuss, completely relaxed documentary style forever snaps of your big day.

I'm a Scottish based alternative wedding photographer who obsesses over all the intricate details, and gets a warm fuzzy feeling over all things wedding - especially the sound of bagpipes and exchanging vows.

I like to think of your wedding day like a storybook. capturing the magic of the tale as it unfolds, and every little detail that it's made of. I know how important the final touches are and how much heart is poured into setting up your day.
I'm a sucker for the pretty little things in life, handy for wedding photography... always plenty for me to faff with.

You'll feel immediately at ease with my approach, there's a hella lot of people who 'hate' having their picture taken. So spending the majority of my day snapping candidly away in the background whilst you enjoy making memories, works a treat for most.

how will i capture your day?

I'm so sentimental, it's off the scale. I love to savor every second of experiences and reminisce A LOT. With bride and groom duties,
you may find you miss some of the days best highlights.

I won't.

I'll document your day, and soak up all the emotion, atmosphere, fun, love and energy whilst merging into the wedding haze, and essentially become a guest whilst creating a photo journalistic story of your day. I'll be very interactive throughout the day with you and your nearest and dearest , and you can be guaranteed
my creative flare will be in full play.

are you the right photographer for us?

This is important. Not every photographers approach will suit every couple.
its also a tough one to stand out from the rest, when 'relaxed, unposed, authentic' photography is a trend these days.
(see my 3 aims of the day!)

My style is best suited to those who enjoy the raw moments the best, the candid snaps and the unfiltered parts of the day...some of them are not for the gram!! if your maid of honor decides to give the groom a kiddie back then collapse in a heap...there's going to be a photo of it!!
Relaxed, authentic and ‘story telling’.….documenting the biggest feels, the most unfiltered moments!, the tiniest of details…and all the lovely bits in between. 

I'm not going to promise you 'no posing'
i read this everywhere...and its actually pretty good fun, and literally takes 2 minutes to get a few cracking shots if you're game.

what i can assure you of, is it wont be awkward.
but a little direction sometimes goes a long way, and makes for some really gorgeous framers.

do you offer albums?

yes. i. do.
wait till you see these beauties...

can we have an engagement session?

Yes. and often they really help.

If you feel particularly nervous about being in front of the camera,
this is generally a good way to break the ice.

Believe it or not, if done right, having professional photos taken should be enjoyable.
I make all my sessions as breezy, fun and light as possible, it helps with the jitters and everyones happy.

my 3 aims for the day

pillar of support

Above all, really, is that you feel completely comfortable and at ease with your photographer on the day. I play a very active part in your day, and may slip into an extended bridal party role, shifting dresses from room to room
and topping up glasses of champers!
Pre, during and post wedding preparation and support is of the essence to every couple, with a million things to do.

We'll chat timelines, 'must capture' shots and cover the general runnings of the day well in advance.

You'll be busy enough in the weeks before without covering nitty gritty with your photographer.

align with your vision

My take on how I will approach your day head on is one thing.
your expectations are another.

Having an understanding of what your day means to you, and how you want to look back and remember it is invaluable to me.

I wont get all deep and meaningful on you...but how you feel, is of the utmost importance for me. it matters. a lot.

Everyone wants epic wedding photos.
Nooone wants the memory of a wet blanket that took them.

so that said, I'll bring as much positivity, fun, banter and spare Kirby's on the day as I possibly can!

...and relax.

If I can in anyway, contribute to a wash of calm throughout the day,
I'll do anything in my power to make it happen.

the main bulk of this prep happens way before your wedding day.
It's important for me to get to know you as people,
and not just as clients.
it makes it a personal experience for us all,
and naturally leads to effortlessly candid shots.
Much preffered by all than nervously trying to act natural,
and twitching cheek bones!

putting my couples at ease is pretty up there on my check list.
I want you to relax and enjoy every second of your day,
when being photographed
and when not being photographed.

i'll coorie in to your wedding party and banter my way through the festivities.
there's certainly no need to worry about me on the day.

relationships and authentic connections are everything. So If we happen to head for one too many cuppa and cake dates to chat all things wedding and anything else on the lead up to your big day, so be it!!


What does it cost, and what's in your bag...


Please enquire for 2026 price guide

full shindig

Getting ready to dancing
Online gallery
30 highlight prints

One photographer


Fancy a second photographer??


half pint

1 photographer
Getting ready to Pre-dinner speeches
Online Gallery + USB
20 highlight prints


a wee wedding

1 photographer
numbers of 20 or less 
Getting ready to dancing
Online gallery + usb
15 highlight prints


add on engagement session

AvaiLABLE with all packages


by the hour

Available for up to 3 hours coverage

first hour £350

£150 thereafter