Your story.

This is just a liiiiittle bit exciting for me!!! (and hopefully you too...)

Lots of lovely people entrust me to catch the raw stuff our best bits are made of, So films by Emma J Sinclair photography seemed like a natural step to take.

I love highlight films. I could spent hours watching them...short but so very sweet and full of creativity. You can find more information on highlight films in my baby and family sections.

Films grow with you, and your family. They hold your most precious moments and will always hold a very special place in your heart. They are emotive, emotional and nostalgic. They take you back to the messy, the magic and the precious moments, of life as you knew it then, and its the most beautiful thing.

A good scene in a film to the right heart string tugging tune, gets me right in the feels. This is what film is all about. They pull you in and take you away...even if its just for a minute or five.

If you'de love for me to come and spend an entire day in the life of you and your family and catch all those best bits, get in touch.

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